This treatment is fast and effective. A thirty-minute no-muss no-fuss facial.  It's effective and gets you back in the game looking your best. Deep cleanse, exfoliate, mask, and finishing

Express Facial

30 mins


Acne/Teen Facial

45 mins


Tailored to treat your child's skin needs and educate them on proper and safe skincare practices. Forty five minutes of cleansing, exfoliation, safe extraction, masking, finishing products; all non-comedogenic. Please allow a few extra minutes post treatment to discuss further treatment and proper skincare for your child


Microdermabrasion treatment

30 mins

Utilizing the most effective form of exfoliation, Your skin will be cleansed, prepped, diamond dust microdermabrasion treatment performed on the face, neck and décolleté, treatment mask, and highly effective finishing serums applied to the skin. This service is recommended every four weeks to reverse signs of aging and sun damage.


Treatment Facial

75 mins

Sixty minutes of thorough assessment, double cleansing, natural enzyme exfoliation with steam, thorough extractions, deep shoulder and facial massage, all masking is customized to your skin's needs from vitamin C for brightening, phytonutrient mask for calming, Clay for Acne                                                                                                                                                                      


Luxury Facial

75 mins

This is our standard, and it is excellent. Seventy Five minutes of thorough assessment, double cleansing, manual exfoliation, microdermabrasion of face neck and décolleté, extended extraction, deep shoulder and facial massage, and custom masking or resurfacing treatment for you particular needs. 


Special Event Facial

90mins/series of three


This is an hour and a half to get you close up ready. Perfect for brides, camera appearances, or any event that you want to shine brightly for. Double Cleansing, light microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning to remove all facial hair and leftover skin cells. Brightening, calming, and hydrating resurfacer.Finished with powerful serums, moisture, and sunscreen



Classic swedish relaxation massage

60 mins/120 mins

This is our most classic offering. One hour of thorough, relaxing massage. The amount of pressure can be altered to fit your comfort and you will leave feeling relaxed, light, and clear. Add lymphatic eye treatment, foot scrub, or scalp treatment to get the most of this service. 


Deep Tissue Massage

60 mins/120 mins

This is an hour of targeted, careful, deep tissue massage to release tension and aid in releasing areas that may be blocked or stuck in the deeper muscular structure of the body. It is encouraged that you drink plenty of water after any deep body work and can expect to be slightly tender afterwards. This service is reccommended for anyone that would like to address any ailments beyond just a need to relax. Can be very helpful in helping ease tension headaches, sciatica and many other concerns.  


Reflexology foot treatment

45 mins

It is believed that the feet are the map of our entire body. This is a wonderful way to relax those tired soles. Included is a deep warming steam, scrub, massage, and oil treatment with warming booties. Your feet are then treated to a special collagen mask that will leave you walking on sunshine.  This service can be added to any other massage or body treatment.


This medicated rub has been elevated with Vitamin C, Aloe, Coconut oil, blueberry, raspberry, cranberry extracts, Omega-3&6, rosehip oil. and anti-inflammatory white willow bark, and 300mg of Organically grown Hemp CBD. Also available in our boutique.

CBD Pain Relief                                                           

add on to any service $15


A La Carte Services

Microdermabrasion add on 15 mins $65

Oxygen infusion with an appropriate serum to hydrate, encourage evenness and proper cell turnover. Great for dull, asphyxiated, or confused skin 20 mins $45

Dermal Skin and hair resurfacing treatment. The best of the best in resurfacing. This is an extremely technical service and requires extensive training and skill. You will walk out absolutely glowing. Can be added to any facial or stand alone. 45 mins $16

Gel resurfacing i.e. glycolic, salicylic, and Lactic acid 15 mins $25

Hand and foot treatment including a fruit scrub, collagen, and paraffin treatment 20 mins $40

Extended facial, shoulder, neck, scalp, and decollate massage 15 mins $30

Lymphatic eye treatment to smooth, hydrate, and lift 15mins $30

Detoxifying self heating mud treatment    Back $25 Hands $15 Feet $20 All three 50.

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