A short history of Ritual bathing

In every culture bathing is part of our daily life and an absolute necessity. Some cultures see this "necessity" as an opportunity to savor being alive. To feel the sensations and love the gift we are given (this physical vessel). In Japanese cultures there are many words to represent the nature by which you are bathing. From a quick bath (raven's bath), a deep soaking tub that is a staple of japanese culture, communal baths, to a forest bath (for convening with nature and for deep spiritual and physical cleansing). All over ancient Europe the Hammam or Roman baths were a place for release, spiritual cleansing, communing with others, and for general wellness. Fully submerging our bodies in water is healing on so many levels. The Spa industry in the US is becoming a mainstay because of the understanding that we must find ways to release the stress that we hold in our bodies. This is a way of reconnecting with our higher selves and it gives us the opportunity to thrive. There are Programs in France where people will be sent to a Thalassotherapy center (warmed ocean water therapy center) for everything from smoking and drug cessation to many other physical ailments. It is believed that the minerals that are absorbed by being in and around ocean air can heal us and bring us back to a place of balance. All of these influences have a staple status in almost all cultures across the globe. We all must remember the art of relaxation and reconvening with ourselves and the healing power of our earth.