One Year in...

This journey began a year ago. But when I really think about it it began when I was born. My gift has always been the shared experience. How to bring the magic into a shared moment. two people united by time and circumstance. That is how I became attracted to this industry in the first place. if you look a certain way you attract certain people. If you help someone else feel their best on the outside, they take that moment wth you, with them. They shine brighter. Their experience after they have left you is better,,, brighter... there is a spring in their step and a lift in their spirit. They may raise an eyebrow at the man sitting at the bar, or may say that thing that's been sitting inside them that needs to come out... Feeling yourself can change your life in an instant. it can propel you down a path that you may not have so willingly forged had you not been really... really feeling yourself. 

I am a year into this Veritas project. I am in the uncomfortable teenage phase of business. Veritas is getting her braces off soon and she is already thinking about her outfit on the first day of high school. She has stayed up nights, been half broken down, eaten coffee and doughnuts just to get moving all the while she has dreamed big. She is big apple corner office dreaming all the while trying to stay afloat with mounting pressure. This little business is my siren song and she will soar. She was an empty box with only the lessons learned as the blueprints that she would use to elmers glue these popsicle sticks together one by one until this place started to take on a life of it's own. She began to catch a glimpse of herself in the mirror and puff up a little bigger. 

I am Veritas. Veritas is me... and Veritas is every woman. She is the girl who stays true to herself. Her name means truth and this space is the unveiling of herself to herself. She is the female resolve. She is the sisterhood that unites us all. She is the deep mystery and the overt humor that is being female. She loves and nurters. She listens. She cacoons you, holds you, keeps you safe and warm until you are ready to emerge. She is that moment of shock when you see yourself and say damn... She is beautiful, and impressive, and soft, and strong... and Gorgeous.