The Double Cleanse

Skincare Begins with the cleanse. This is the first step in prepping the skin and removing all of the layers of your day or night. It is a process of renewal and it is my favorite step in the ritual of self care.

Typical cleansing is a single quick cleanse to get to the next step as fast as possible so you can move on to the next step. This is missing the whole point of the cleanse. This is the step that shouldn't be hurried. instead, it should be savored. Take your time to pick the appropriate cleanser. is your skin dry or dehydrated? is it oily and in need of some astringent foamy bubbles? do you feel like your pores are clogged and in need of a softening enzyme or acid to break up some of that gunk? This is you chance to begin the steps toward fixing those issues... depending on the season or the state of your skin this is your chance to alter those issues. 

Start with the perfect temperature... not too hot and not too cold. Choose your cleanser based on how your skin is feeling... Cleanse your skin first to remove impurities and surface debris... then comes the all important second cleanse... this is when you cleanse deeper. push into the muscles of the face and manipulate in an upward circular motion and start to stimulate the lymphatic system... this is Cleansing on a much deeper level... push in at the temples and the jaw muscles... feel the tension and breathe that out. Release the tension out of the face and rinse. 

You have just cleansed on a deeper level and now can start the process of layering all of your other products thinnest to thickest. serums, lotions, creams, eye cream.